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Welcome to Koherent
Hi, I’m Adrienne Kohler. I’ve worked in communications and media for the past 15 years. I always found it frustrating that I couldn’t write about the things that interested me, so I started this blog.

Koherent is about all the things that interest me; where I’ve been, what I like doing and what I  find meaningful. I hope you like it!

One has to pay the bills so I’m also a freelance communications consultant – a jack of all trades if you like – and I’m bashing away on that darn novel. I’ve been a journalist, communications manager, media advisor, event manager and social media manager.  So if you need help with content production and management, please email me via the contact page or call me on +64 21 669 424.

Some samples of past work


Revisioned by Guy Robinson

Images from the exhibition can be viewed here



Herald on Sunday – Interview with actor Giancarlo Esposito

Travel story – Savai’i Samoa

The Aucklander and New Zealand Herald!

THE NEUROLOGICAL FOUNDATION (Communications and Marketing Manager)

What is memory?


Media 7

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, thanks for writing about our mutual great great aunt Edie. I remember meeting her in her final year when she was living at Edie Danby’s( also a relation/retired farmer) in Papatoetoe. I was 4 and I have to say she was the finest and most dignified ‘old lady’ I have met, a beautiful soul. I passed your article on to my sister. Great to have some more of her story and the photo as well. Regards, Tash ( of Hill family)

  2. hi tash – thanks for the comment, I’ve researched a lot about the nurses and plan to write more. Whereabouts are you?

  3. Hi Adrienne…I couldn’t leave a comment on your GG aunt Edith’s blog post page as comments have been disabled, but I photographed her grave today and as you haven’t mentioned about where she was buried in the blog post, I wasn’t sure if you were aware of where she was.

    I was so delighted when I commenced researching her name this afternoon to find such an admirable person. I have also included your blog page link to her story within my uploads to flickr as such a fantastic photograph on it of her and fantastic to read her words of the event.

    Grave photos taken at Otahuhu Cemetery

    If you would like the original large photographs for yourself, please let me know and I’ll forward to you.

    Sarndra Lees

  4. Hi Sarndra, do you have an email address? Send it to me at adiko63@gmail.com My mum is a keen geneaologist and has a lot of info about Edith and would be thrilled to get this – dod oyu have a sister called Tash by any chance?

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