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Beasts of the Southern Wild

“Everybody loses the thing that made them. The brave men stay and watch it happen. They don’t run.”

The New Zealand Film Festival is on and a lot of great films are on show. However, I think this will be my favourite; it was so unique and such a triumph of imagination that I have been thinking about it ever since. The young actress who plays Hushpuppy ( Quvenzhane Wallis) is a force of nature and through her eyes we are transported back to the time when imagination is as powerful as reality and, in fact, merges with it. It is a magical place to return to, if only for the span of a movie. See it if you can.

WW1 ANZAC nurses and the sinking of the Marquette

Edith as a young woman before leaving for the war and a new life

ANZAC Day is a time for tributes and throughout history war has produced countless heroes worthy of them. Many of these have been woman who quietly and staunchly served their country and supported their menfolk either at home or on the front lines. Yet for these women, war also opened up a world and new horizons that never would have been available to them in peacetime – even if it sometimes came at a heavy price. Continue reading WW1 ANZAC nurses and the sinking of the Marquette

Peter Doig

I never really liked contemporary art.  I thought most of it was pretentious and more about people creating a brand and persuading others to pay extravagant amounts of money for crappy technique and splotches of paint. Then I discovered Peter Doig’s work, and now I wish I had extravagant amounts of money to buy his paintings. Maybe t506715_com_peter_doig_youngbeanfarmer_klhis one first.