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Giancarlo Esposito – Breaking Bad  – Profile







It is the delicate touches that so often define a great screen character – Marlon Brando and oranges in The Godfather, Robert de Niro’s “Are you looking at me?” in Taxi Driver, and in the multi award-winning Breaking Bad, Giancarlo Esposito straightening Gustavo “Gus” Fring’s tie before his character’s gruesome death.


Ethical Fashion





Adrienne Kohler embarks on an odyssey to buy ethical clothes, but finds many wonder who the ‘mad woman’ is.


Living in the app of luxury


With more than a million apps available for Apple products alone, the world of mobile applications is ever expanding, and can even change your life, writes Adrienne Kohler

Social issues

Unhealthy living

We spend 70 percent of our time in our homes, yet many New Zealand homes have been shown to be up to 6 degrees below the WHO’s suggested minimum indoor temperature of 18 degrees. That can’t be good.

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