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The Winter Camp – Chapter One

I’ve been slowly writing this novel for ages now, so I figured I may as well serialise it on my blog as I write. I hope you enjoy it. The aim is to post a chapter a week. Please comment if you like it or have any suggestions! I’d love to hear from you. Thanks! 🙂 Be sure to subscribe so you know when the next chapter’s up!

The Winter Camp

Chapter One

Nayra led the way, pushing aside the dense undergrowth and thorny bushes aside for her younger sister Sira. The beech forest was a gloomy misty green, broken only by the brilliant red of their headscarves and scattered shafts of golden sunlight piercing the canopy.

“It’s cold—and creepy,” said Sira as she briskly rubbed her hands and arms to keep warm.

“I like the quiet, it’s peaceful,” replied Nayra. She loved coming here and listening to the sound of the forest, the constant thrum of the insects and birds, and the whoosh the wind made as it travelled up the slopes and through the beech trees.

“It’s still creepy. Is it far?” Sira asked, peering ahead.

“No, we’re almost there,” Nayra said, stopping to let her sister catch up. “See where the sun shines through those crossed trees? That’s where we have to go.” Continue reading The Winter Camp – Chapter One